Russian leader in the production of decorative coatings for large construction projects
Culture of beauty
Russian leader in the production of decorative coatings for large construction projects
Culture of beauty
Лаурус Групп
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As a co-founder and CEO of LAURUS GROUP, I am very pleased that you have shown interest in our activities and services. I hope that the provided information will be useful for you and will help you to choose our organisation as a reliable business partner.

LAURUS GROUP was founded in 2014 with an ambitious vision to transform public spaces into stunning works of art. From hotels and residential complexes to business centres, we aim to bring a culture of beauty and style to every detail of major interiors.
Our mission is to produce high-quality and exclusive decorative materials that fulfil the needs of our customers to improve the aesthetics of large public spaces. This concept was born out of the desire to abandon short-lived wall painting, the use of unattractive "fur coat", rough "bark" or sloppy "shagreen" in favour of decorative coatings that are popular on the private market and reflect the high prestige and luxury of any interior.

Our first years were challenging as we faced the challenge of convincing property developers of the benefits of our materials. Our aim was to offer a product that would not only be beautiful, but also have enhanced performance and characteristics, as well as being easy to apply and as simple and cost-effective as possible to spot-restore or restore.

We produce exclusive and complex decorative coatings with special additional components that immediately give the desired effect of marble, stone, concrete, silk or suede even on a single layer of applied decorative material. Therefore, our decorative coatings LAURUS are applied in a minimum number of layers, which allows even medium-skilled painters with no experience in applying decorative plaster to work with them.

All our products are certified, and one of the materials in our collection is vandal-proof and non-combustible, with an appropriate fire certificate for non-combustibility, which guarantees additional safety in public spaces of high-rise buildings and high-traffic areas.
Using our LAURUS decorative coatings, it is possible to create imitations of marble, stone, concrete and even fabric, as well as other textures. Therefore, we can produce materials that satisfy almost any original customer's requests.

Due to the fact that the company LAURUS GROUP works exclusively on large projects, so our rates for decorative materials - half lower than similar companies in the market of private construction and finishing. At the moment the average cost of our decorative coating is from 220 to 480 roubles per m².

Today LAURUS GROUP is a leader in the field of aesthetic transformation of public spaces.

Thank you very much for your trust and time spent on our website.

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Savina Elena


Laurus Group operates in accordance with the Strategy for Innovative Development of the Construction Industry of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030

  • >1,7 mln. m²
    Materials produced
    over the last 5 years
  • 127 objects
    Number of facilities where materials were delivered over the last 5 years
  • 12 ths. m²
    Production capacity of "LAURUS GROUP"
    per day
  • 70 m²
    Application rate of LAURUS materials by one person per day

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Лаурус Групп
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